Zenisha’s Play and Learning Centre

The quality of life for 29 children and 26 learners with Down Syndrome, FAS, and intellectual disabilities has been improved through education. Daily nutritional meals are enjoyed by the children thanks to Mulilo Prieska PV providing monthly food supplies. Mulilo Prieska PV has sponsored the centre with jungle gym equipment, a signage board, and an […]

Africege Agriculture

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This initiative is focused on improving food security, education on agribusiness and entrepreneurship, and internships. Driven by a company called Africege—they have built a hydroponics system which grows healthy vegetables. They aim to introduce and popularize this new way of gardening in the community. The local soup kitchen uses the vegetables grown this way to […]

Old Age Home

Mulilo helps to enrich the care for 100+ elderly at the Prieska(?) Old Age Home. Mulilo has provided for both their entertainment and sanitation needs with the purchase of a new television and washing machine respectively. As part of an ongoing initiative, Mulilo funds a yearly Christmas lunch celebration, where the elderly can enjoy a […]

Educational Stationery Packs

Every year, we provide 900 learners from three different primary schools with stationary. With the help of Bidvest Waltons, these stationary packs include everything from scissors, pencils, colouring books, and lots more, as well as a branded pencil case to store them in. From the learners to the teachers, this project is a huge success […]

Karoo Druppels

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Karoo Druppels ECD is an ECD Centre in the small Karoo Town of Britstown, in the Northern Cape. Karoo Druppels currently has 42 children from ages 3 – 5 in our care, we provide them with 2 meals and 2 snacks per day, we use the Kinderland opvoedkundige program as a teaching module, we have […]

Huis Daneel

HUIS DANEEL ACVV BRITSTOWN was established in the early 60’s. On the 23 March 1973 the old age home was officially opened by the Department of Social Work and Pensions. Since then many Old, Sick and Frail residents have passed through these doors. The last 5 years they  have taken in a lot of sub […]

Maths Enrichment Programme

Enables 2415 learners across 4 different schools to improve their maths skills. Guided by a team of 14 local youths sponsored by the NPC, each pursuing their dream qualification in education. This program not only benefits the learners but enables the youths to obtain the real-life classroom experiences necessary to obtain their qualifications.

Jonkers Accountants

An initiative where we provide the financial support for Jonkers Accountants to give back to the local businesses within their community. This allows them to give services such as tax assistance, bookkeeping, business training and more. This initiative runs on a monthly basis, and each quarter we aim to do the books of different SMME’s. […]

Mulilo Bursary Programme

118 students at universities and technicons nationwide A group of students are selected annually and given the opportunity to further their education at university or TVET Bursary programme covers tuition, accommodation, books, a monthly stipend and additional support costs