ED Advisory Services


ED Advisory Services

Mulilo ED Advisory manages and reports on Economic Development requirements and commitments for renewable energy projects.

Mulilo ED Advisory has a strong focus on Economic Development within the Renewable Energy Sector. The company has long standing relationships with Total, Sonnedix, SunPower, Longyuan and X-elio and manages and consults on all Economic Development obligations and activities.

We monitor ED obligations whilst also taking an active role in implementing socio-economic  initiatives.

Mulilo ED Advisory contributes to the Black Female Top Management for all of Mulilos’ Projects.


Mulilo ED  implements Socio Economic Development and Enterprise Development initiatives. We ensure that funds are utilised where they are intended to and make sure that programs are developed that benefit the local communities as a whole.  We assist with Community Trust Management and Administration; be it Financial, Trust Governance, Community Development or Investment back into the community.

Mulilo ED is also strategically involved in Economic Development optimisation and ensures bid compliance when Mulilo and our Partners are bidding under the Department of Energy’s REIPPP Programme.

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