Mulilo takes projects through each stage of the development process:

  • Energy Resource Assessment: Accurate resource assessments are crucial to the successful development of solar and wind facilities. Mulilo’s engineers perform computational analyses and gather onsite data to identify sites with excellent energy generation potential.
  • Land Acquisition:  Mulilo liaises with land owners to enter into contracts for the purpose of securing development rights for further feasibility studies and long term land security.
  • Permits: Renewable energy projects span several different government departments and municipal regulations and  there are numerous permits that are required. We identify significant permit or policy risks and manage these in order to execute the projects within very restrictive time frames.
  • Raising capital: Mulilo acquires the financial resources by bringing together relavent stakeholders to raise debt, equity and any BEE funding.

Accurate resource assessments are crucial to the successful development of solar and wind facilities

  • Technology: The correct selection of the latest technology is key to ensuring the investment, engineering design, equipment selection, and procurement stages are done at an optimum ratio of the costs involved versus the potential yield of the technology.
  • Bid compilation and bidding: Mulilo has established a reputation for submitting high quality well-structured bids to the DOE and boasts a perfect track record for compliancy.
  • Financial close: Once awarded a project Mulilo manages the financial close process making sure that all agreements are in place between the different stakeholders.
  • Construction and Operations: We see the project through construction and operations by managing the EPC and O&M contractors from a project company level.