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Mulilo is a renewable energy developer and strategic equity investor with a specific focus on wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies. 

Mulilo means fire in tshivenda

We subscribe to the principle of providing cost-effective energy solutions that enable high impact local economic development and social upliftment. We believe these attributes are key to a just transition to renewable energy.

We have been successful in selecting competitive sites, identifying engineering contractors, and financial partners. This has led to Mulilo’s success in winning and closing projects for Government as well as private enterprises.

Passionate Team Work

Mulilo’s team comprises highly experienced engineering, construction, project management, legal and financial professionals.

Our Expertise

Energy Resource Assessment

Accurate resource assessments are crucial to the successful development of solar and wind facilities. Mulilo’s engineers perform computational analyses and gather onsite data to identify sites with excellent energy generation potential.


Selection of the applicable and latest technology is key to ensuring the investment, engineering design, equipment selection, and procurement stages are done at an optimum ratio of the costs involved versus the potential yield of the technology.


Renewable energy projects span several different government departments and municipal regulations, requiring numerous permits. We identify significant permit or policy risks and manage these to execute the projects within very restrictive time and operational frames.


Capital Raising

Mulilo secures the financial resources by bringing together relevant stakeholders to raise debt, equity and any Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment funding.

Land Acquisition

Mulilo negotiates with landowners to secure contractual development rights for further feasibility studies and long-term land security.

Construction & Operations

Mulilo provides first class procurement, construction and operations services.

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